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  1. Gracias amigo, sigue asi! P.D. Excelente el nuevo estilo de previas
  2. Muy buena, se espera una de las que te pedi yo
  3. Siempre en la altura, gracias panita
  4. E-s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r!!!
  5. Hermano, da gusto ver que sigas ayudando a los griegos, nunca abandonas la edicion, eres el mejor!
  6. Gracias Gabo! Panathinaikos ya no tiene unmades despues de que hiciste a Steele
  7. Cypriot version is ready too! This is my last work on this patch for this season, but the rest of the team will continue working on winter update For any kind of information ask STE, Stavrello, Dinos, etherovamon and Santa Claus Here are some info's and screens, DL and more details, posts #3 and #4 ProGamerZ CYPRIOT PES6 Patch 2014/15 Based on Greek patch with following updates: *Cypriot First Division + Football league Greece instead of Ligue 1 *13 new UEFA clubs *Ligue 1 + Bundesliga (18 teams in total) *BETA kitpack *Cypriot scoreboards *Accurate boots for CFD *edit mode updated kits Important informations *Kitpack is beta, don't pay attention on fonts, numbers and missing teams, it won't be ready before 20th of December *Sounds will be when etherovamon finish
  8. Tremendas...el mejor Glen Johnson Saborio! Solo el pelo esta vez jaja
  9. Grande Gabo, esta muy parecido!! Una mas para desearme un buen viaje jajaj