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Found 1 result

  1. This is it guys… All my effort came finally to an end after a whole week of refreshing and editing. Many of you my Greek friends asked me if there would be any update of my chants as you consider them the best someone can get for his beautiful soccer game. And yes! This time my chants are even more qualitative and realistic as they can be: For every team there are 5 different chants 4 softwares have been used in order to download and edit the files at the best quality The fade in, fade out and the gain are at their best settings in my opinion after a lot of tests. This time I managed to succeed the best acoustic quality for all my chants at the higher volume of them which means almost no noises at the backround I chose only these chants that can be really realistic, which means that a. I avoided to link a chant to a team in which the funs insult a specific other team (it sounds quite stupid) and b. I chose chants which when someone is listening to them will not think that the chant is been singed from only a few people The chant files are in mp3 format so you can easily convert them to any format you want Teams included in package: A.E.K. ARIS ASTERAS TRIPOLIS VEROIA DOXA DRAMAS IRAKLIS KAVALA KALLONI KERKYRA LARISA LEVADEIAKOS NIKI VOLOU XANTHI O.F.I. OLYMPIACOS OLYMPIAKOS VOLOU P.A.S. GIANNINA PANATHINAIKOS PANAITOLIKOS PANACHAIKI PANIONIOS PANSERRAIKOS P.A.O.K. PIERIKOS Don’t ask me if I will create other team’s chants. I will not. My work is completed. If someone wants any of these chants in his patch I would like just to inform me and a reference at the credits is enough. Good Greek games and have fun… Download part1 from Download part2 from 7-zip pass: etherovamon Here we are once again, guys! I return with a small but important update. I love the perfection so I fix some chants or I replace some of them with better ones... You can hear them in order to feel the difference... Instructions: 1) Download the update. (before that, you must have download my first pack) 2) Copy the update contents to my first/initial chant pack and replace. Download update from 7-zip pass: etherovamon Thanks to all the people whose videos I edit for the chants.